The People, Places, and the History of The Northern Neck of VA


Food For The Soul!

Is there anything better than fresh shucked corn, just picked tomatoes, and string beans? YES!! CRABS!!

We are tired of the T-bird! Bring out the crab cakes!

This seafood market is where you can find a jumbo lump crab cake to make your eyes roll to the back out your head, y’all!

Home From Louisiana

Shopping bags filled with pecans meant two things; the men were home from fishing down south and time to make the fruitcake!

There are more than one fish to fry…

“We so often take the little things for granted. In the fishing world, spot are one of those little things.”

There are more than one fish to fry…

“The Northern Puffer possibly got the name sugar toad from a waterman who said they are “sweet as sugar and ugly as a toad.” Their defense when threatened is to blow up like a balloon, which also gives them the name blow toads, swell toads and puffer fish.”

There are more than one fish to fry…

Shad can either be fried, or smoked. Planking traditionally used oak wood planks that are thirty inches long, twenty inches wide and two and one-half inches thick over an open fire.

Two Mothers. Two Foodies.

A warm slice of applesauce cake with a generous helping of butter sauce…from two mothers who loved to cook shared by two daughters who love to eat. Bon appetit!

Warrior Woman: Stephanie Johnson

The drink of choice, for the ritual summer crabs eating feast, was the mighty, mighty Northern Neck Ginger Ale or Gingerale pronounced ginger rail if you’re nasty.

If you never tasted a Northern Neck Ginger Ale, even if it wasn’t the original recipe, you missed a treat. The hit of ginger so strong it made your nose sting…the sound of the carbonation as you popped a can or if you are old enough to remember it coming in a glass bottle was the trumpet sounding that you were about to enjoy something special…equal to Mount Olympus s nectar.

Stephanie Johnson’s efforts to take on the corporation that decided that what the people wanted wasn’t as important as their cold hard bottom line revenue projection is highlighted in this interview.

A Pixie From Kilmarnock
Warrior Woman: Stephanie Johnson

Avocado, Cucumber and Cilantro Tuna Salad Recipe

This fresh quick and easy salad is sure to hit the spot for a quick snack or substitute meal.

Ginger sweet potato coconut milk stew

There’s nothing like a soup that warms your soul. This creamy, velvety soup has subtle notes of heat that cools off with sweet coconut milk.

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