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Episode 8: Lt. Colonel Sherry Hill Sargent part 1

APFK Season 1
Episode 8: Lt. Colonel Sherry Hill Sargent part 1

In part one of this two part interview, Lt. Colonel Sherry Hill Sargent discuss her childhood memories and learning how to balance transitions with unquestionable faith and conviction; as a woman in the military, as a mother serving in uniform, as a woman with goals, knowing that she possessed the tools to reach them, and passing those values on to her daughter.


Lt. Colonel Sherry Hill Sargent, United States Army, retired, was born into a career military family. She learned from both her father and mother what it takes to overcome struggles and how to survive the worst that life could toss onto your path.

Show Notes

  • 10:34 She would allow me to drink coffee, so for some reason, I've always been an early riser.
  • 14:29 To have fish for breakfast, my friends didn't understand that.
  • 17:28 All of the black students went to public school and all the white students went to private schools.
  • 20:41 It was a huge adjustment for her obviously, having a husband overseas and having a husband in a war in a combat zone.
  • 26:47 I quickly learned that this guy did not have my best interest at heart.
  • 40:58 He sat at the back of the plane and watched me the front of the plane jump before him.


  1. Eldine Curry says:

    For doing these interviews I think you are a rock star

    1. Sprite says:

      Thank you for that!!!

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