The People, Places, and the History of The Northern Neck of VA

APFK Season 1
Episode 6: Samuel Keeve

Mr. Samuel Keeve: Entrepreneur, and former teammate of Jackie Robinson, and Roy Campanella of the Brooklyn Dodgers.


“Sam started playing baseball at the age of 13 with the Northumberland Giants (sponsored by Bill Gustis). He was coached in high school by the late Daniel V. Connor.  They won the regionals in 1953. During his senior year in 1954, the Brooklyn Giants scouted the baseball team and selected Sam Keeve, catcher, to try out for the Brooklyn Dodgers’ minor league for their farm club. View stats on the 1954 team He went to Florida on March 3, 1954, for the try outs. He stayed for 17 days. While there he met Jackie Robinson and Roy Campanella. Sam’s designated place at the table for meals was between these two famous ball players. The minor league had games every day.  Each day they hit the field at 9:00 a.m.; took a break for lunch; and went back on the field until 4:00 p.m. They participated in exhibition games against the Washington Senators along with Don Newcombe and Karl Spooner. At the beginning of the try outs, there were 5 catchers. Sam was the only one remaining at the end of the try outs.  The other 4 White catchers went home.”
Samuel Davenport Keeve Born: March 8, 1936
Members of the 1952 Rosenwald High School champion team.
Roy Campanella and Jackie Robinson

Show Notes

  • 4:45 I had a try-out with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1954.
  • 13:00 I asked for a raise, they said they couldn't give it to me.
  • 14:28 And I had a couple of guys in the car with me, and they point guns at the car.
  • 16:08 Stay in school and get an education.
  • 20:26 I eat fish and potatoes every morning. I've been doing for the last 10 -12 years.


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    This is outstanding!!!. Needs to be in outstanding students of Northumberland county.

    1. Sprite says:

      Thank you for your comment! Stand tune for more of the same in the new year!

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