The People, Places, and the History of The Northern Neck of VA

APFK Season 1
Episode 3: Dr. James E. C. Norris part 2

Dr. James E. C. Norris’ journey is a worldwide adventure that started in the rural segregated  Northern Neck of Virginia. He attended a school that was named after his father, Dr. Morgan E. Norris, himself a physician who had to establish himself in an already difficult occupation,  made even more difficult because of lack of resources in a small rural southern town but where also just another place where Jim Crow made its presence known.

“How close do you get to the raw existence that some of these people experienced?Dr. James E. C. Norris on writing his book “Fight On, My Soul”

Dr James E C Norris
Bio Dr. James E. C. Norris, retired plastic surgeon and author of “Fight On, My Soul,” a biography about his father, Dr. Morgan E. Norris, The Northern Neck’s first Black physician and an activist for Black rural education.
  • 11:36 We got orders to send you to Vietnam. And I was just flabbergasted.
  • 15:00 I've benefited from many benefits of living in this country, and one of the obligations you have as a citizen is to serve in the military when you're called on.
  • 29:33 My job was to receive bodies at night from the hospital.
  • 41:07 She actually saw the body hanging from the tree.

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