The People, Places, and the History of The Northern Neck of VA

APFK Season 1
APFK Season 1
Episode 13: Dr. Dawne Y. Curry part 1

Dr. Dawne Y. Curry: Fulbright Scholar, author, expert in documenting apartheid and sexism in South Africa, and Associate Professor of History and Ethnic Studies University of Nebraska, Lincoln. 

Dawne Y. Curry is an Associate Professor of History and Ethnic Studies. She received her Ph.D. in African History from Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan in 2006. Curry’s research field is 20th and 21st century African history with an emphasis on South African protest and resistance struggles. She also explores oral history, women and gender studies, comparative black history, and African colonial history. This Fulbright Scholar (South Africa, 2017-2018) is the author of Social Justice at Apartheid’s Dawn: African Women Intellectuals and the Quest to Save the Nation (2022) and Apartheid on a Black Isle: Removal and Resistance in Alexandra, South Africa (2012).

Dawne Y. Curry
Source – University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Show Notes

  • 6:24 Michigan State is one of the top schools for African history in the country and is also a school where Magic Johnson went to, and his family is from East Lansing.
  • 12:47 They used to watch black people like hawks, you cannot go in a store without being followed and looked at there.
  • 17:55 I did not like South Africa at first. Hated it with a passion. And I think it's because I was shy, and I wouldn't let myself go out and meet people.
  • 20:45 South Africa, it really helped me understand a lot of things about myself that I wouldn't have understood just being in the US.
  • 30:28 Living on the Neck, living on a back road, you really get to know yourself and you get to entertain yourself.

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