The People, Places, and the History of The Northern Neck of VA

APFK Season 1
APFK Season 1
Episode 1: Philip J. Haynie III

Philip Johnson “PJ” Haynie III, who goes by PJ, is a farmer. His grandfather was Philip, his father was Philip, and his son is Philip. PJ is from Reedville, Virginia in Northumberland County.

After he graduated from high school, and college where he studied agricultural economics, he then returned home to resume family farming. PJ had the pleasure of meeting other black farmers from across the country. He has received recognitions for America’s Best Young Farmer and Rancher. More recently, PJ participated  with National Geographic on a show that aired last Memorial Day covering his experiences with farming.

PJ was interviewed in April of 2021 as he was planting his crop in Arkansas.  He was gracious enough to speak while in the cab of his tractor, so there is some mechanical feedback in this phone interview.

PJ Haynie
Bio PJ Haynie, fifth generation Northern Neck farmer who also serves on USDA’s Plant Variety Protection Act Board and on the Agricultural Advisory Council for Virginia’s first congressional district. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech University and currently serves on the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Advisory Committee for both Virginia Tech and Virginia State Universities.

Show Notes

  • 20:41 A lot of those complaints never made it out the trash can in that office once those farmers turned in those complaints
  • 24:17 When we came back the next morning we had the tractors shot up, the windows were busted out.
  • 32:10 I corrected your daddy, and I'll correct you, too.
  • 36:42 A lot of young people in our community overlook agriculture
  • 40:07 The good Lord isn't making anymore land.

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