The People, Places, and the History of The Northern Neck of VA

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Empty Sea

Empty Sea

 The errie light of lonely lanterns
Outward from the foremost shore
Touch the mighty crest of wave
Then flicker out and is no more

Yet the raging spite of sea
Wracks the tossing ships to fore
And they in wreakage thus submit
To founder and is no more

Gallant mates man the rafts
Say a prayer from the floor
Into the raft the howling breakers
And gallant sailor is no more

The frothing anger to wash the shoals
Stir the silent sand below
Distain full with its undertow
And sleeping sand is no more

What may be this thing untamed
That covers all with tragic lore
Touch the men and touch the sand
And yet because they be no more

Hark ye ships yet not aground
Batten the hatches aft and fore
Look now drifting upon the wave
That once a ship and now no more

But alas light from the rising tower
First oft but a feeble glow
Then burst in radiance and proudly
The total darkness is no more

The lonely lantern lit again
Flashing hope as did before
But empty oh empty sea
For Ship and sailor be no more

Wayward the journey soul
Disposed and ceased before
It could in evening make port
For wayward soul is no more

Evening makes it said depart
In itself the grief to store
Of lonely span of lonely water
And lonely lantern from the shore


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